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Appellate Court Summarizes Rules for Area Variances

The appellate division issued a decision last week which provides a concise summary of the various issues confronted by a zoning board of appeals in deciding area variances. In Matter of Millennium Custom Homes v. Young, the court upheld the zoning board of appeals noting that the decision was rational and supported by evidence in the record.

After reviewing the balancing test in the statute, the court found there was detailed evidence of the adverse impacts on the neighborhood. The court also noted that the board adequately distinguished this application from other similar cases.

The case is a good primer on the various rules applying to review of zoning board decisions. We believe it is particularly astute as it cites two cases successfully argued by Steven Silverberg of this firm, Matter of Fuhst v Foley 45 NY2d 441 and Matter of Byron Assoc. v. Zoning Bd. of Appeals of Town of Mamaroneck, 142 AD2d 643, for rules applying to review of ZBA decisions which supported the zoning board of appeals in this case.

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