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Court Dismisses Civil Rights Claim

The Appellate Division affirmed dismissal of a claim under 42 U.S.C. §1983 for violation of civil rights, based upon a claim of improper delay in issuing a certificate of occupancy for a house. In Matter of Zarabi v. Incorporated Village of Roslyn Harbor, the Court found that the existence of unapproved changes in the construction served as a legitimate basis for the delay in issuing the certificate of occupancy.

As the Court noted:

“the defendants established, prima facie, that, inasmuch as there were building code violations on the property that needed to be corrected, which the plaintiff conceded, any delays in issuing the certificate of occupancy did not amount to egregious conduct so as to amount to a deprivation of the plaintiff’s property interests without due process (see Bower Assoc. v Town of Pleasant Val., 2 NY3d 617, 628-629; Sonne v Board of Trustees of Vil. of Suffern, 67 AD3d 192, 202).”

The Court found the balance of Plaintiff’s claims without merit.

-Steven Silverberg

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