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Court Upholds Denial Of Area Variance Based Upon Balancing Test

The appellate division found that a zoning board properly denied an area variance after engaging in the required balancing test. In Matter of Monroe Beach Inc. v. Zoning Board of Appeals of City of Long Beach the court determined that the zoning board had made findings that:

“the requested variances were substantial, would result in a detriment to nearby properties, and would have an adverse effect on the physical and environmental conditions in the surrounding neighborhood were supported by hearing testimony and documentary evidence …. Moreover, its finding that the alleged difficulty was self-created had a rational basis, as the applicable zoning regulations were in effect when the petitioner purchased the property.”

Furthermore the court noted: “the petitioner’s contention that the ZBA granted another area variance application for the construction of a nearby multistory residential building is insufficient to establish that the ZBA’s conduct in denying its application was arbitrary and capricious, since the petitioner failed to demonstrate that the ZBA “reach[ed] a different result on essentially the same facts” (Matter of Arata v Morelli, 40 AD3d at 993 [citation and internal quotation marks omitted]; see Matter of Gallo v Rosell, 52 AD3d at 516).”

-Steven Silverberg

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